Helping women with a life-changing illness live a full and beautiful life

There is so much more than what you currently see…there is beautiful life waiting for you.

Life isn’t turning out the way you had planned. You are facing a life-changing-illness and all may seem lost. My dear friend, all is not lost, and you are not lost. Yes, life looks very different from your vantage point, but if you are willing to keep looking and listening, you will find there are treasures you have never seen before You, my friend, matter. Your life matters and there is still new hope, deep joy, and beautiful life to discover.

Hi! I'm Ronda - Founder of the W.I.T.H. Community

Like so many of you, I have also walked a very-long road with life-changing illness. Right after the birth of my oldest child, I was facing a difficult diagnosis with many unknowns looming in my mind that left me wondering what my life would be or “not be” for this precious baby I held in my arms.
Through years of loss, desperation, and hopelessness, I longed for a community where I could tell my story and feel understood. I wanted people who could walk WITH me and give me emotional and spiritual tools to do more than just exist, but LIVE this unexpected life – fully alive. 
Honestly, I visited a few support groups and left feeling more hopeless than when I arrived. I wanted a group that could acknowledge reality while also teaching me to walk through the fear, stress, sadness, loss, and life-altering events happening in my life.
If you are looking for such a group, I have great news! I have created it for you, and it is called W.I.T.H. (Walking. It. Together. Here.)  Come join us!  We can’t wait to meet you!

Do you want to feel fully alive again?

I can help you with that. Here’s what to do next:


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What I Do

I Mentor.

I mentor and walk with women who are facing a life-changing illness through the W.I.T.H. Community. I also have a signature online course, The Beautiful Life Blueprint, that you can check out on the resource page. You don’t have to do this alone. I would love to walk WITH you, and I look forward to meeting you. For more information, join our waitlist for the W.I.T.H. Community.

I Speak.

I  speak at live events, retreats, summits, and conferences. I also appear on podcasts sharing the message of hope and resilience, as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. 

Find more information on my contact page for how to reach out about booking a speaking engagement, 

I Write.

I began writing letters of empathy with the desire to acknowledge the painful emotions one may feel when faced with a life-changing illness. As you read them, you will find understanding, hope, joy, and comfort in the middle of the darkness. The book, Dear Susan, is a compilation of those letters.

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You will find yourself in the pages of this book as each letter addresses the complexity of emotions one might experience when life is devastated by illness. 

Illness can take so much from us, and often, devastation and despair are all we see.  My heart’s desire is to meet you in the middle of your own story and acknowledge your pain. 

You matter. Your story matters, and I have learned that if we listen, illness can teach us so much about how to live, reveal treasures never seen before, and show us how to be fully alive.

Come journey. There are treasures to see and beautiful life to embrace.  It is waiting just for you.


Are you or someone you know facing a life-changing illness?

Dear Susan is a series of letters written for you. They will take you on an honest journey and provide a bridge to finding the freedom and strength to live fully alive.