About Ronda Barney

Hi!  My name is Ronda, and I am so glad to meet you here.  I am a wife, mother, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Dietitian, and a woman who has been on a road of healing and finding the ability to thrive when health issues were looming and threatening to rob me of my dreams and the life I desired. 

My Diagnosis

Right after the birth of my first child, I was diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness. At a time when life was full of possibilities, I was faced with my own mortality, the fragility of health, and the realization that life can turn on a dime.  I underwent the recommended treatment and was given the incredible news that the issue was resolved. I was going to be okay, and I was ecstatic!  I felt like I had been given my life back.  

However, instead of getting stronger, my immune system was facing unknown challenges that left me with layers of health issues that I had no idea how to unwrap or address.  I found myself extremely weak, in pain, and dealing with debilitating symptoms that made it difficult to get through my day.  I sought out doctors and quickly found that they were unsure how to help me. I became hopeless as I watched my body gradually worsen without concrete answers.  It has taken years to unravel and figure out the answers, and honestly, I am still on that journey.  

The Journey to Healing

The unexpected joy is that as I sought answers for healing, I have also found emotional and spiritual insights as real and honest as the pain and loss I have experienced. It has been a crazy journey, that has opened my eyes to see life from a completely different vantage point. I could no longer run, go, and do as I once had lived.  I sat with the grief, pain, and disappointment of this painful reality and slowly, I began to see treasure I hadn’t seen before, gifts I had never opened before, and new meaning and purpose just simply being me. 


I want to share this with you

I want to share the insights and truths that I have learned in the trenches right along with you. This desire has led me to start the online community A Dose of Hope, write my upcoming book, Dear Susan, create The Beautiful Life Blueprint, and start the podcast Awaken to Hope.  My heart’s desire is to walk with you through your suffering, offer a safe place to process the pain, and help you find nuggets of hope that will give you the courage and strength to live fully alive.

Dear friend, even though it can be so hard to see, there is beautiful life in the middle of painful loss.   You are alive. You matter, and your life matters.  I want you to know that, even in your circumstances, you can find new hope, feel deep joy and simply be fully alive.