You can go beyond simply existing with your life-changing illness…you can have a beautiful life.

The Beautiful Life Blueprint is my signature course that will share with you how I found my own joy after enduring my own life-changing illness. 

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What is The Beautiful Life Blueprint?

A course designed to show you how to navigate a life that although filled with pain, is also filled with beauty and meaning beyond what you may think is possible. 

The 5 pillars of a beautiful life:


Acceptance offers us a way to empty our burdens rather than empty our souls, thoughts, ideas, and dreams


Mindfulness is about embracing the moment, in all its imperfections, so our hearts can know what it means to be fully alive.


Play allows us to be present and seek simple moments of pleasure, creativity, and fun that foster moments of heartfelt joy.


Love is as vital to our mental and physical health as food, water and air. Your whole being thrives in the presence of love.


Your body will prepare for what you anticipate and expect. Your expectations have a powerful effect on your mental and physical health.

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