Are you or someone you know facing a life-changing illness?

Dear Susan is a book of letters that will provide a depth of understanding, comfort, and hope… just for you.

Locked in a prison of unknowns and deep pain our hearts cry out, but often, the words of anguish go unspoken.

Does anyone understand?

You will find echoes of your heart and story woven within the pages of these letters… written for you. There is much to explore and beauty to be found.

Come journey with me!

Coming March 22, 2022

The story behind Dear Susan

The book was inspired after I heard a customer ask a bookstore clerk for a recommendation that would bring comfort to a friend facing a potentially fatal diagnosis.  When the clerk could not think of a book, I knew it was my calling to write it. Deeply personal and forged out of my own painful journey with devastating illnesses,  I began penning letters of empathy and hope to a fictitious “Susan”.

Miraculously, and right on time, two years after the letters were written, a dear friend of mine introduced me to a beautiful woman who was facing a fatal illness. Her name…Susan! I began sharing the letters with Susan, and it became apparent that she was profoundly impacted by what she read. 

This book is a compilation of those very letters, and now, I would like to take a healing journey with you just as I did with Susan.

You will find yourself in the pages of this book as each letter addresses the complexity of emotions one might experience when life is devastated by illness.  Illness can take so much from us, and often, devastation and despair are all we see.  My heart’s desire is to meet you in the middle of your own story and acknowledge your pain. 

 You matter. Your story matters, and I have learned that if we listen, illness can teach us so much about how to live, reveal treasures never seen before and show us how to be fully alive. 

Come journey. There are treasures to see and beautiful life to embrace.  It is waiting just for you.

Ronda’s book touched me so deeply - telling me exactly what I didn’t know I needed to hear. I am an avid long distance runner and I happened to read this book while I was dealing with a debilitating foot injury that prevented me from running. While my injury wasn’t a life changing illness, it was devastating to me and was hard for me to deal with. Ronda’s letters to Susan felt like they were written to me. It felt like she understood what I was going through, how I was feeling, and what I was struggling with. She helped me realize that everything I was experiencing was normal and that I was not alone.


Are you or someone you know facing a life-changing illness?

Dear Susan is a series of letters written for you. They will take you on an honest journey and provide a bridge to finding the freedom and strength to live fully alive.